Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Greyhound

Hello blog fanz! Squash here doing a post for foster mom since she has been bad with updates.

I have been doing well. I have been here awhile now so I know everything a young stud like myself needs to know to get everything his way (shhhhh, don't tell foster mom!). We go for a walk mostly every day. Some days we go longer when it is warmer. I get super excited when I see another dog and sometimes I bark to tell 'em what is up.
Otherwise I am awesome on leash while I check out the pee mail. I love van rides, we go for rides often and I like to stand and stare out the window to recon for squirrels. I get super excited for food and treat time; I am happy to report I get two meals and three treat times a day, yummmmy! Is that a lot or a little? Hopefully, my forever mom/dad feeds me more because one can never eat too much :)

Anyrooo, this past week we had another greyhound in the house! He is called Arrow and is from NLGA as well(adopted 3 years ago). His mama goes off on vacations and leaves him here a few times a year. He is pretty cool and we got along great. He is more hyper than me and would try to get me to play chase, but I rarely did. Foster mom says I am very calm and mature for my age.

Well it is almost time for my nightly stuffed frozen kong, see you later folks, hope you all have a great weekend!

Some pics from this week:



One of Arrow(blue collar) and yours truly

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