Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Squash had his first Christmas today. He was tortured with the santa hat :)

squash santa hat

And the outtakes:
squash santa hat4

squash santa hat3

squash santa hat2

Here is a video of him opening his reindeer long dog toy. He needed help with the wrapping and was distracted by my weims.

Squash wishes you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweet and Settled In

Squash is a huge sweetheart. He loves to be petted and scratched and will stand next/over me for as long as I am willing to love on him. If I stop before he is done, he'll circle around me and rub himself against me for more & more <3

Squash has fully settled in and does really well even though we don't have a set schedule because my work schedule fluctuates. I can tell he is really comfortable now because this week he has started to trot/run in the backyard a little bit. He even nitted me (really hard!) yesterday when I was excitedly playing with the dogs and laughing.
His 5AM bed rubs have now become 6AM rubs, yay! It is not entirely his fault because he can hear my weims whining softly or walking around. I can live with 6AM just fine since it is close to my normal wake up time.

His down training is going well even though I have only spent a total of 30 mins training him the past two weeks. I will post a video of our progress next week.

I will leave you with a video of Squash in the backyard. He likes to spy on the neighbor's two small dogs. He wishes I didn't have a privacy fence because it makes it difficult, lol!
Notice how he comes to me when I call him even though he is distracted by them. He is such a great listener! His wonky ear is adorable folded over...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 Weeks

Squash has been here for three weeks and he is starting to settle in. We gave the kennel two weeks and he got worse and worse. For the past week he has been gated in the living room/dinning room with my weims when I leave and he is doing really well. He rubs his muzzle a little, but otherwise he sleeps the whole time. I come home during my break to let them out.

He is an easy going dog and very calm. He walks great on leash but will pull a little when he spots a squirrel. He loves car rides. He is great with all grooming; I brush his teeth every night, have cleaned his ears and trimmed his nails. He learned the stairs after only 10 mins and uses them daily just fine. He is a huge food hound.

Squash is very loving and comes up to me for pets and head/ear scratches. He'll push into you and move closer if you stop loving on him. Squash is very accepting of everything I do to him, he even allows me to take toys/items from him. This is good because Squash has a tendency to chew/eat toys and contraband (socks, gloves, undergarments, etc.). He destroys toys very quickly and will try to ingest them. Squash's only other negative is that his internal alarm clock goes off around 5 A.M. and he starts doing a full body rub against the bed. This is all really cute during the day, but not at 5!

Squash is an easy going and lovable boy. I'm hoping to try some training with him next week, we'll see how he does.

Here are pics from the first snow fall. Squash does not usually sit, but when it snowed he was very unhappy and wanted back in. He came up to me and just sat down in the snow, it was really weird! He looked so cute and uncomfortable, but handsome as always! <3

squash snow

squash snow3

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weclome Squash!!

Foster Squash is here! He is a sweetheart, gets along great with the weimaraners, not fearful but is easily correctable when he does something is he not supposed to (counter surfing), great on leash and already comes to me for loving.
He is practically perfect, the only thing is he does not like being kenneled... We'll keep working on it, but he might be a free range type with the muzzle on.
Oh, and can't forget to mention he is super handsome with a cute fold-over ear!
I'm excited to have Squash here :o)

I will update this blog about once a week.