Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 Months

squash bw

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts. Squash and I hope you all are having a greyt 2012.
Squash is doing wonderful. He has adjusted to our 7 A.M. wake up time :)
He is such a huge food hound and would often bark if I am too slow at preparing and delivering his kibble (he is like most dogs, they think humans are constantly starving them!).

Squash had to make a vet visit last week. We had a friend come over last week so I quickly put him in the backyard because the thought of escaped greyhounds is always in the back of my mind. He must of gotten himself overly excited and ended up hurting his back (I didn't witness how though). He was limping a little that night, but much more the next day so I decided to bring him in. They x-rayed his back and gave him a pain killer for a week. Thankfully, he is back to normal now. Squash is usually not a very active or hyper dog. He does the usual 5 min play session a couple times a day. He doesn't even really run in the yard, just a celebratory short jog after a poop.
Squash is a very sociable hound and gets a little excited when meeting new visitors. But after a few minutes he relaxes. He is always happy to get loved on and wants to be in the same room. He likes to come and check up on me if I leave the room for too long.
Squash has a greyt personality. He is happy and engaged, is easily correctable with a firm no but is not a spook. Squash is practically perfect... :o)

squash and kongs
Squash loves frozen kongs...

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